Color Me Fearless



In the world of design, few elements have more impact on a space than color. Color has the ability to influence mood, visually shape a room and guide the observing eye. Color palettes are used to create harmony while telling a story. One of the best attributes of a color palette is the endless options available. From bold, fresh colors to subdued, tranquil ones, we have the capability to mix and blend the perfect color story for each room being created.

Creating a color story for your space can seem a little daunting to many people. How many colors should I use? What colors work well with each other? Should I use that same color palette throughout the whole house? These are a few of the questions we are asked everyday. We understand. The joy of so many possibilies brings the stress of so many decisions. It can be hard to know where to use color in a room and how to use it. The first place to start is determining what the palette for the space will be. To do this, we often begin creating a space by selecting a rug, a patterned fabric or a piece of art for the room being designed. These elements are generally the perfect spring board for building a rooms color palette. Pulling select colors from these elements gives us direction to pull togther a dynamic color story.

Color brings so much beauty and life to a space. A well-planned color palette will help bring unity to a home and aid in the visual granduer in a room. Don't let color be something to fear, let it be something to inspire.

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