Accessories- The Frosting on the Cake

When I hear the word cake, my first question is what kind of frosting is on it! We often tell our clients to think of the accessories in the space as the frosting on the cake. They finish the look of the room by adding to the visual interest and lifestyle story to the space they adorn. Like frosting, there are varying degrees in the amount of accessories people like in their space. Some like a thin layer that subtly accents the space they inhabit. Then, there are those like me that love accessories and use them liberally to add dimension and interest to a room. Regardless of where you land on the accessory spectrum, we wanted to offer some general rules to help you when creating groupings and vignettes.

Variety is the key element when creating exciting and interesting accessory vignettes. Incorporating various shapes, sizes, materials, heights, depths, textures and patterns is a recipe for building eye-ctaching, meaning displays for a room. The above photo gives an excellent example of this concept. The varying textures of the different materials play nicely together. Metal surfaces contrast well off the soft fabric elements within the space. The branches in the vase add a perfect amount of nature intermixed with the interior items.

These images are great examples of allowing pattern to be the forefront statement without feeling heavy and busy. Mixing patterns can be difficult. Here monochromatic color palettes have been used so the pattern does not have to compete.

Various shapes and sizes help this living space explode with interest. Not limited to furniture surfaces, the entire space becomes a canvas for the accessories. Truly a feast for the eyes. There are many stories being told in this room, enough to keep anyne visiting engaged for hours. While filling the space, there are still plenty of quiet areas or negative ares built into the design to not become overwhelmed within the space.

Light is another highly impactful element to work into the space. It helps to shape mood and affect the ambience a room works to create. Lamps and accent lighting are obvious ways to incorporate this dynamic effect. However, this image shows how candle light can also create this feeling. The flames of the candles give off a beautiful,warm glow as they dance within the glass and metal terrariums.

Accessories are the perfect way to give the finished look to a room. Remember to have fun with them. Let them be fluid. Feel free to move them throughout the house and use them in spaces. A quick way to breath some fresh life into a room is reworking the accessory vignettes within them. Change them out for holidays and seasons to create festive, engaging living spaces in your home. The sky is the limit. Happy Designing!

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